FFmpeg 预编译的libray和可执行程序


From https://github.com/BtbN/FFmpeg-Builds/ 的文档:

FFmpeg Static Auto-Builds

Static Windows (x86_64) and Linux (x86_64) Builds of ffmpeg master and latest release branch.

Windows builds are targetting Windows 7 and newer.

Linux (x86_64) builds are targetting Ubuntu 16.04 (glibc-2.23 + linux-4.4) and anything more recent.

Linux (arm64) builds are targetting Ubuntu 18.04 (glibc-2.27 + linux-4.15) and anything more recent.


Builds run daily at 12:00 UTC (or GitHubs idea of that time) and are automatically released on success.

Auto-Builds run ONLY for win64 and linux(arm)64. There are no win32/x86 auto-builds, though you can produce win32 builds yourself following the instructions below.

Release Retention Policy

  • The last build of each month is kept for two years.
  • The last 14 daily builds are kept.
  • The special “latest” build floats and provides consistent URLs always pointing to the latest build.

Package List

For a list of included dependencies check the scripts.d directory.
Every file corresponds to its respective package.

How to make a build


  • bash
  • docker

Build Image

  • ./makeimage.sh target variant [addin [addin] [addin] ...]

Build FFmpeg

  • ./build.sh target variant [addin [addin] [addin] ...]

On success, the resulting zip file will be in the artifacts subdir.

Targets, Variants and Addins

Available targets:

  • win64 (x86_64 Windows)
  • win32 (x86 Windows)
  • linux64 (x86_64 Linux, glibc>=2.23, linux>=4.4)
  • linuxarm64 (arm64 (aarch64) Linux, glibc>=2.27, linux>=4.15)

The linuxarm64 target will not build some dependencies due to lack of arm64 (aarch64) architecture support or cross-compiling restrictions.

  • davs2 and xavs2: aarch64 support is broken.
  • libmfx and libva: Library for Intel QSV, so there is no aarch64 support.

Available variants:

  • gpl Includes all dependencies, even those that require full GPL instead of just LGPL.
  • lgpl Lacking libraries that are GPL-only. Most prominently libx264 and libx265.
  • nonfree Includes fdk-aac in addition to all the dependencies of the gpl variant.
  • gpl-shared Same as gpl, but comes with the libav* family of shared libs instead of pure static executables.
  • lgpl-shared Same again, but with the lgpl set of dependencies.
  • nonfree-shared Same again, but with the nonfree set of dependencies.

All of those can be optionally combined with any combination of addins:

  • 4.4 to build from the 4.4 release branch instead of master.
  • 5.0 to build from the 5.0 release branch instead of master.
  • 5.1 to build from the 5.1 release branch instead of master.
  • debug to not strip debug symbols from the binaries. This increases the output size by about 250MB.
  • lto build all dependencies and ffmpeg with -flto=auto (HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL, broken for Windows, sometimes works for Linux)